Our first appointment of the day was to meet Caroline Lucas at the bandstand on Brighton seafront.

Although the sunshine we ordered didn't arrive, it was the perfect place for mysterious photos in the mist, and and to meet the media. A few informal interviews were done on the spot

Brian was interviewed by all the main TV channels.  Of course, what they actually put out is always TBA !  


We had a brief catch-up chat with Caroline, whom we know very well, and Brian explained the finer points of what we’re actually asking people to do in Common Decency to the press. 

We then headed to the Brighton and Irish Music College (BIM) with Caroline. 
We got there and had a full tour of the college - the rooms seemed to be packed with speakers and instruments.
Brian recalled that his college days were a lot of work and that rock music was rebellion; so he wondered what today’s happy Rock-studying students would be able to find to express their rebellion !  Perhaps they will VOTE !  And vote to move on from the very outdated electoral system that their parents generation put in place !  After visiting several rooms, Brina could resist it no longer and took a guitar of the wall, played it, and then acceded to the request to sign it ! 
We then went into the main hall, and Brian did an off the cuff presentaion about the principles of Common Decency, followed by an in-depth Q&A session with a packed house of students who, although they were on their Easter break, had all come back in, excited to meet Brian and participate at the event. . The questions were great and the afternoon was great.  Some of the students hadn't registered for voting.  Recently the Government changed the law, meaning that  student are no longer regisisted at home when they go to University or college. So it’s a fact that many students will miss ou on using their vote because they only have until THIS SUNDAY to register - which can be done on line.  
Brian reminded them to register. Many asked questions about politics and all of them committed themselves to voting. There were some great questions and it really showed how concerned they were with their future, and that of their children and grandchildren. 
We had a longer interview here with local journalist Greg Hadfield from Brighton and Hove Independent.  
It was a more penetrating interview of Brians visions and views on politics and the upcoming elections.
This had already been a very full day, but after this, we headed for Sussex University. 
Brian was interviewed by the local college magazine - aptly named ‘The Badger’ - and by the University Radio station and Union reps.  http://thebadgeronline.com/tag/sussex/
There were some great probing questions showing a real concern within the students for their future. 
We then headed for a heaving Student Union Bar, for another presentation, assisted by a fellow (but contemporary! )physics student. The place was crammed with students so you couldn't move, and I think we imagined this might be a situation that would be hard to control.  But the attendees seemed totally mesmerised by Brian, and throughout Brian;s opening remarks and all through the intense Q&A, you could have heard a pin drop, except for some satidfying burst of laughter and approval.  A very nice experience all round.  The questions covered Queen, physics, and stereoscopy, but mainly focused on the state of politics, and visions of change for the better. 
We stayed far longer than intended as the questions were so challenging,  
It was a fantastic day in Sussex supporting Caroline Lucas and the Brighton Greens, and we sincerely hope that she remains the MP for Brighton Pavilion.  She is ethical and honest and truly a template for all MP’s;  she is as important for the whole country’s future as that of her beloved constituents.  By the way - one thing we realised along the way is that any attempt to attack Caroline on the basis of parking restrictions or refuse collection is completely bogus, since Caroline has little or no influence on the decisions of the Brighton and Hove Council, which is mainly controlled by the Libdems.  We are hoping that residents realise this - and see the big picture.  They are lucky enough to be able to vote for an amazing woman who will act fearlessly for them and for Common Decency in the next Parliament.  

We will be looking forward to seeing  her returning to her seat on May 7th. 

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