Louise Irvine from National Health Party talks to Brian

Brian is supporting this great lady, who speaks from the heart, and comes from a background of working in the NHS.  She is so disgusted with Cameron’s destructive handling of the NHS, and many other things besides, she is now prepared to give up her job to try to change Britain.  By being a Decent MP !

PLEASE SUPPORT US IN OUR SUPPORT FOR HER.  Let’s put her in the House of Commons, instead of Jeremy Hunt, the man who has been devoting his time to closing down hospitals !   Bri 

Last week Dr Louise Irvine, National health Action Party candidate for SW Surrey was interviewed by renowned Queen guitarist and Common Decency campaign founder. Brian’s Common Decency campaign is backing Louise in the May 7 election as the kind of candidate that people should be supporting if they want to bring about real change in politics and parliament. The video of the interview will be released soon.

Brian said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Dr Louise Irvine of The National Health Action Party to my Surrey home last week. I am supporting Louise  as part of my newly launched Common Decency campaign - http://www.commondecency.org.uk/

I started the Common Decency campaign because I have been angered by the way the government has refused to listen to people: from the NHS to the badger cull they have used spin and deceit to push through polices which harm people, animals and the world we live in. We believe it’s time for the people to reclaim democracy.

We ask people to be “colour blind” as they vote in the polling booths at the next election. We will ask them to vote for an individual who they believe will act honestly and accountably in their interests.

At the South West Surrey ballot box in May, we are backing Louise. She would be an independent MP, free to represent the interests of her constituents without having to toe a party line. She would help make democracy more direct by involving her constituents in the vital decisions that impact on their lives, underpinned by strong values, compassion and openness.” 

Louise said: “I am honoured and delighted by the endorsement from Brian and his Common Decency campaign. I was so impressed by Brian’s commitment to enabling democratic change. He recognizes the current system is broken, with massive disengagement and disillusion with the main parties and a real yearning for change. People are fed up with politicians who fall to listen and who are motivated by self and party interest instead of their constituents’ interests. Common Decency is a bold attempt to help people break out of the stranglehold of the current system. If people vote for candidates, regardless of party, who they think will genuinely represent and be accountable to them, this could have a huge impact and bring us closer to having genuinely representative, honest and accountable government.”

Contact Louise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07922 277395

Please take a look at our twitter feed at @decencycommon and Facebook page at   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Common-Decency/1577094359170378 and most importantly don't forget to comment on your MP's page and comment below .

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