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This is an interactive site and we want your views. Please look at the political news articles and give us your comments. This is a movement driven by you for you. It is a political movement that ignores the colour of your party and looks directly at your representative in parliament. Is your MP decent?

It is the 750th anniversary of the first elected parliament. The De Montfort Parliament of 1265 took representatives from towns and cities around the country and put down the foundations for our current political system. The anniversary of the popularly termed "Democracy Day" on the 20th January should have been time to reflect on the current parliamentary system and celebrate its very existence.

Parliament has changed dramatically over the last 750 years. The ethos and values of Simon De Montfort remain but the reality may be very different. Do your MP's represent you? do they speak for you and do they act for you? We feel disengaged and disfranchised with a system that often leaves MP's themselves powerless to speak out often because of the Whip. The system is not as democratic as we may have thought. Do you feel bored, powerless; disenchanted and disengaged with the constant poor standards and low ethics politics and feel your vote doesn't matter. Do you think we need to restore common decency - we do.

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