Voter Apathy, Voter Registration & Voter Turnout

Voter Apathy

Voter apathy occurs when voters are indifferent and do not care about an election.  This may explain the low turn out of an election.  Related is “Voter Fatigue”, which is a similar sentiment that occurs when there have been too many elections in a short space of time, and the voter no longer cares about what happens.


Voter Registration

In the UK it is mandatory for citizens to register to vote before being allowed to vote in the election.  You may register online or by post, but the deadline to register before the upcoming local election is the 20th April 2015.  If you fail to register to vote before this point, you could be fined.  If you register with incorrect information, you could face a large fine and further prosecution.


Voter Turnout


Voter turnout is calculated by the percentage of registered (or eligible) voters who cast a ballot an election.  A low turnout is considered undesirable, as it implies that voters are indifferent or unhappy with the voting system and political situation. 

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