Electoral fraud

Electoral fraud is any illegal interference with the election process, most commonly with the intention to swing the result a certain way.  Examples of election fraud include bribery, intimidation and ballot stuffing.  Even if the result is not affected, electoral fraud can reduce voters’ confidence in democracy, which can have greatly unsettling consequences, such as the establishment of dictatorships.

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  • Guest - David Gibson

    In 2005 I tried to vote for the Green candidate in Basingstoke (I knew him personally as he was heading up a campaign to make Basingstoke a "Fair Trade Town"). However, when I arrived at the polling station I was informed that I had already cast my vote!
    The Tory candidate won that seat. I would be interested to know how widespread his fraud is & which party usually benefits.

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  • Guest - alliehaze25

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  • Guest - clark Michil

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  • Guest - Susan Roshan

    The best example of Electrol Fraud I have read is during the general election of 1975 in India when the Prime Minister of India used his power to win the election. These practices should be abolished. I have written about it in detail. Major Rivers of India

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  • Guest - Nataali

    We called it here Booth capturing too. It mostly done with the support of current govt. Well In many Countries like Pakistan we can see this very common.

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  • Guest - irma

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