Rights for Animals

Animal welfare is the well-being of  animals. The standards of “good” animal welfare vary considerably between different contexts. These standards are under constant review and are debated, created and revised by animal welfare groups, legislators and academics worldwide.

Latest Animal Welfare

Votes for Animal

Are the parties’ manifestos decent enough for animals?


As Brian said at the march on 24th April 2015 in Westminster, “I don’t believe there is any rational basis for believing that humans are the only important species on the planet.”

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Hunters help Tories in return for Repeal

Prominent fox hunting supporters step up Tory support and expect repeal of ban in return

Two of Britain's most prominent fox hunting chiefs have issued a call to arms for all their supporters to canvas on behalf of Conservative election candidates who are backing their campaign to overturn a ban on the blood sport,

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Labour Party

Labour Parties Pledge for Animals

Our Labour values tell us that we have a moral duty to treat the animals we share our planet with in a humane and compassionate way. No other major political party has such a proven track record of decisive action for animals at home, on farms and in the wild.

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Fox Hunting

Tories to legalise Fox Hunting if they win the election

Tories to legalise fox hunting if they win 2015 general election. The party will offer a free vote in the next Parliament if the party wins in May, The Telegraph can disclose.

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Animals have Votes

Animals have friends

If animals matter to you, please make sure they matter to the person you vote for, no matter which party he or she represents.

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