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This is an interactive site and we want your views. Please look at the political news articles and give us your comments. This is a movement driven by you for you. It is a political movement that ignores the colour of your party and looks directly at your representative in parliament. Is your MP decent?

It is the 750th anniversary of the first elected parliament. The De Montfort Parliament of 1265 took representatives from towns and cities around the country and put down the foundations for our current political system. The anniversary of the popularly termed "Democracy Day" on the 20th January should have been time to reflect on the current parliamentary system and celebrate its very existence.

Points of View

Women must Vote

Why aren't women voting? Voting is essential - you are voting for you and the future of your family.

Vote by post

Postal Voting Anyone can apply for postal vote and you don't need reason.

Register to vote

The deadline to register to vote in the general election is 20 April 2015.

Be the Change

If we all stopped thinking that voting for a candidate we actually want to vote for was a waste then it wouldn't be!

Vote May 7th 2015

 Brian May & Kerry Ellis - One Voice
One Voice Campaign Song

One Voice

 Brian May & Kerry Ellis - One Voice

Bri in Brighton


Our first appointment of the day was to meet Caroline Lucas at the bandstand on Brighton seafront.

Bri and Russell Brand

Russell Brand by Bri

No! I didn't 'tackle' Russell Brand ! I did put my hand up, sitting in the audience at the premiere of his film ' The Emperor's New Clothes


Bri latest update 24 hours before the poll

24 hours to go until the polls open so, please make sure you post in the comment box on your constituency today and help us decide who should be a common decency candidate.


Bri on the election

Brian’s Post-Election Message

Many thanks Ruth (her message below). And huge thanks to all of you out there who have sent fantastic

By Bri

Why Common Decency? What’s it all about?

Why Common Decency?  What’s it all about?

Well, it’s not a political party.